We need you society – Educational NGO Story



“Men lose all the material things they leave behind them in this world, but they carry with them the gift of Charity.”

– Francis of Assisi



Our sole purpose of being born Human is that we have the ability to empathise and understand the pain and suffering of others. We have the power to make a change in the way the world is run. Identifying the needs of the less fortunate and helping them to reach their bare necessities of living standards is our social responsibility and moral obligation.

Children and senior citizen are the ones who are the most helpless in situations of social inequality and societal slander and abuse. Children are not cared for, simply because either the family is in no financial condition to support them or because one or more members of the family are influenced by drugs and violence. They are pitifully roaming the streets, bright children with sparkling eyes full of untapped potential and intelligence- who are capable of being the next doctor, pilot, influencer, president that India needs. Alas, all of this is pointless unless they have a way out of their situation.

To help such unfortunate children of our country, MGA has collaborated with the Educational NGO- ‘We Need You’ to do our bit in fulfilling our social responsibilities.

This NGO is currently operational in Ghansoli and Turbe.


Here, we provide education and teach practical skills not only to children, but also to women of all ages to empower them and give a second source of income to these families.

Women can choose to be trained in various make-up and hairstyling courses to help the less educated ones to earn income with their practical skills. Tailoring classes also help provide an alternate source of income as well as a very useful skill.

An up-to-date and well-equipped computer lab allows for training in various computer-related courses too; thus prepping them for the modern age of technology.

Teaching the children life skills through various entertaining forms like art and crafts; drawing and dancing helps them retain their knowledge as well as find the interest to actively attend our sessions. This unconventional method of learning has increase our student retention-rate and proven to be very useful. Activities like swimming and summer camps have increased the levels of fitness and made the children supple and increased their stamina and health.


Guest lecturers for General Knowledge sessions have helped pique the interest of students as the lecturers are well-versed in both their fields as well as in dealing with students.

We have allotted volunteers all over the slums of Turbe, where every individual manages the studies of ten children and we currently have over thirty active volunteers. This has greatly impacted the lives of these children for the better. All of this work is manage by the ‘We Need You’ society.

We urge you to be a part of this wonderful initiative and show your support either through volunteering or financial aid. After all, only we have the power to bridge the vast gap between the rich and the poor in India; and ensure that our brothers and sister get the basic standard of living that they deserve.