Stories – Behind the Shots

Beautiful moments have most beautiful Stories

Amol & Rakhee


Being a part of the festivities of a wedding ceremony is everybody’s dream. But being the actual partaker of a wedding is a scary ordeal indeed! Everyone expects the groom to be relaxed, joyful and happy. In reality, the Groom is one of the most nervous persons involved in a wedding! All those new responsibilities, commitments and promises can leave one disoriented and confused. In the middle of settling into this new lifestyle, often we photographers find the Groom especially at a very vulnerable and quiet moment to himself. And this shot when captured in the right manner can convey all that words fail to express. As is seen in this image, the Groom is enjoying and relishing a quiet moment to himself amid all the hustle and bustle. All the weight of responsibilities on his shoulder seem to have been lifted for this instance as he gazes at a serene image of his future with his beautiful wife. This little gesture of a quiet smile and far-away eyes show what it is he looks for in a marriage- love, comfort and understanding. This click speaks not only of the Groom shown here but of Grooms by and at large.

Amol & Rakhee


The most beautiful part about every wedding is the preparatory phase, where the couple gets ready. That is what sets the feels for the whole wedding- the aura of anticipation in the dressing room, the artistic way in which the makeup artist captures the beauty of the face and paints magic on it to make them look flawless!

Ashish & Hitha


Arranged marriages are said to be slowly fading out of fashion because people now believe in fully knowing the person whom they are to be wedded to and deciding their future for themselves. However, the institution isn’t all that horrifying either. Look at your ancestors, or even your parents who may have had one. There is no love lost between them! And take a look at this cute couple, laughing away to glory- would you believe that theirs was an arranged marriage? This picture was clicked at a very natural and casual moment between them, when the laugh was genuine and beautiful. And all we need for such memorable pictures is the right timing and a good sense of people and their atmosphere. It isn’t easy to understand such subtleties of a couple but that is what you can expect from us, a professional approach with underlying shades of emotions and rapt attention to details. And pictures like these make you believe that love is born out of a mutual understanding and respect of the other person and can be found anywhere, if only one knows where to look!

Sushipal & Priyanka


Her Wedding Day is one of the most important days for a bride. Everything on that day has to be perfect, has to be flawless. Everything- including her. So much time and efforts go into choosing the perfect dress, the correct makeup artists, the right hairstyle… and then there is the pressure to look angelic on the day! Everyone in the crowd always longs for a look at the bride… they hold their breath in anticipation for the entry of the glowing beauty. And while all this unfolds, she sits quietly and calmly behind the scenes and puts those finishing touches to her look for the day- the Bride. Every flutter of her beautiful eyelashes, every stroke of her brush against her cheeks is a silent message saying wait- I will be there and I will be everything you ever imagined- to her other half. And then she arises from her seat like the Adonis, and captures the eyes of everyone with her charisma. The elegance and importance of these moments behind-the- scenes cannot be overlooked and we at MGA aspire to capture every little detail of such vulnerability and beauty.

Ankita & Bhupesh


A perfect scenery… the sun is setting over the rippling river… while the two love-birds look deep into each other’s eyes

Honestly, which couple on this planet doesn’t want some romantic and picturesque photos for their albums? Every in-love couple wants amazing photographs taken at breath-taking locations to cherish forever! The same with these two- our customers who went home smiling and elated at having completed their dream of location- shoot. And they lived their experience to the fullest, using props and dressing up and of course, with our expert photography! We at MGA believe that for such perfect clicks, a complete and strong sense of understanding between the photographer and the couple is essential. This promotes a healthier atmosphere of cooperation and results in memories as picture- perfect as this one! So come, experience your location- shoot with us and show the world your chemistry with your other-half flawlessly!

Vikas & Priyanka

lr 72

We travelled with the wedding party to Jalgaon for this beautiful wedding ceremony. The groom wanted to take the holy vows in his village and so began the two-day celebration. Right from the Haldi to the Reception, it was a grand affair indeed! There were innumerable moments where we could capture beautiful stills of a fairy-tale wedding, this being one of our personal favourites. Right as they were leaving the hall for dinner- there it was. The most perfect shot. The glowing bride with her shy smile and the proud groom, leading his lady by the hand! This happy couple got their picture-frame perfect click. Why wait- get yours too! Be it a destination wedding or a traditional one down to the roots, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that not a smile, not a wayward glance is left to the memory-immortalise your story with MGA!

Ashish & Hitha


There is something timeless and precious about the institution of marriage. It is a sacred vow between two people- a vow to always be there for each other, through thick and thin, and always love and respect each other. And such a precious vow must be sealed with something equally precious and beautiful, which is where the tradition of the wedding ring comes in. Throughout history, a number of religions have been practising the tradition of sealing the sacred vows with a ring, and India is no stranger to that tradition. The exchange of wedding rings is a statement of love and loyalty that the newlyweds make to each other, and such an important and beautiful moment it truly is! Which is why, the exchange of rings becomes a prime feature of the whole wedding ritual. For this, choosing the perfect ring is also something the couple frets over- how to choose that perfect instrument that showcases your love for your better half? Through this click from us at MGA, you can see that this couple sure got it right! The perfect ring to offset the picturesque wedding, and the perfect click to showcase the same! Why wait for your own? Contact us to get your dream clicked flawlessly!

Heramb & Kirti

001HKH _DSC989501 _DSC989201

Your relationship doesn’t begin or end with the wedding ceremony. The ceremony is but a small step along the way, a small and immensely beautiful step. But there is a before to that too- a pre-wedding shoot. This is where you let your hair down and be yourself completely, no terms attached. The both of you can frolic around and get captured in the most fun and innocent way. Especially on a festive day, like this couple did! A festive, Holi-themed pre-wedding shoot. Such shoots will enable you to portray your love for each other in a fun, cheerful and casual way, resulting in some beautiful clicks. After all, who doesn’t love a festive atmosphere? And it becomes all the more celebratory when you are with your loved one. Add a dash of colour to your album memories with such stunning visuals of outdoor or festival pre-wedding shoots with us at MGA. We understand exactly what you expect and hand-deliver it to you in a cute, gift-wrapped kind of way.

Ganesh & Poonam


A nervous glance into the mirror… Consciously patting down hair that is already perfectly done up… The bride shivers with anticipation and butterflies before stepping onto the mandap.

Often it is the behind- scenes of a wedding that are the most chaotic and most happening! The rush of bridesmaids, hairdressers, make-up artists, family members… one would think the bride and groom would collapse from all the anxiety! But strangely they are the ones most preoccupied in their own secret thoughts… about the immediate ceremony, about the post- wedding details, how their lives will be different now… and these immersed-in-thoughts moments constitute the most honest and pure pictures. As you glance back to reminisce about that perfect wedding day, wouldn’t you want to remember all those little details about that dress? About how your mother’s eyes filled with happy tears and your father beamed with pride when they saw you ready for the big leap? About all those who helped you look like something out of a fairy-tale for your Big Day? Often these pictures are the prettiest stills of the whole wedding album and we at MGA ensure that younot only get a good still; but that you get the Perfect one.

Heramb & Kirti


One of our most memorable work was with this couple- Kirti and Heramb. No one was more excited about the wedding than Kirti was- and as well it should be! She personally was overlooking each and every aspect of the wedding and took great pleasure in organizing the whole wedding flawlessly! And when it came to the photography and designing of her wedding- you could say, watch out for the bride-boss! Her perfectionism and professional attitude not only helped make our work easier, but it also provided us a clear idea of how she wanted her picture album to look. She guided us through her wants in the album, interacted with us in a way that made it crystal-clear to us about how to go about clicking her wedding pictures! This enabled us to be focussed on the exact qualities she wanted in her pictures and thus her album could be made perfect for her! It is a refreshing experience to work with clients who are so open to us and share their beautiful love- stories with us; because this helps us shape our work according to their individual tastes! Communication between the client and photographer is crucial and this was seen very clearly in this case by the quality of great wedding pictures we got that day!

Aditya Amruta


An essential pre-requisite for any relationship is communication. When there is open and honest communication between people, the relationship becomes strong, healthy and beautiful. Communication can be in many forms- even a little mischievous gossip between the couple about their peculiar relatives! It is the little things like these that dissolve the nervousness and tense atmosphere between the two and make for some light-hearted banter. And as you can see from this picture, these lovebirds lost no time in pulling the legs of their friends and relatives! Right from the mandap, they chose to establish a relationship based on friendship and laughter to add colour to their lives! And if this isn’t the most beautiful part about a spousal relationship, then what is? With MGA, you can rest assured that your wedding album will come alive with colour and the resonance of your lively personalities- because that is what we aim for, and that is what we deliver!

Swapnil & Trupti


The eyes convey what words will never be able to express… what indeed can be more beautiful than a silent and fleeting look between the newly- wed couple that will convey a thousand unspoken words between them? This couple show that they are very-much in love with each other and that they are looking forward to their life together- all by this one glance at each other across the celebrations around them! The laughter in their eyes and that mischief playing around their lips show how young-at- heart they are and is a mirror to how perfect their chemistry is! And a great chemistry always calls for a great picture- which is where we come in! This picture was captured at the precise moment that enabled us to show their spousal love. It is the simple beauty of a smile that conveys their whole-hearted love in this picture. Treasure such moments with us at MGA because something so beautiful- should be made immortal, shouldn’t it?

Vikas & Priyanka

lr 72 01

Right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of a wedding, there is a calm centre. And over there we find the beautiful humans responsible for everything we are today- our parents. During an important moment of our lives, like a wedding, it is the joy and pride on their faces that we mustn’t miss out on. The love overflowing from the mother’s eyes on seeing her son marrying the girl he loves is something out of a holy book, as seen in this picture. Vikas’s mother was easily the happiest person in the room after the bride and the groom and her smile was infectious, filling the whole room with a tender radiance. We made sure to capture her most vulnerable and gentle moments into our frame, as something the bride and groom can treasure over forever. We at MGA know that beautiful moments happen only because of beautiful people and so we make sure to capture all those wonderful people into your little book of happiness.