Matheran – Garbett Plateau(Night Trek)


Matheran – Garbett Plateau(Night Trek)

Our experiences form our personalities, and personalities give a depth of character to our personas. One of the biggest wonders in life is the experience of travelling- be it alone or with friends and family, be it to some place you have never visited before or a place you had visited in the distant past. Each trip brings with it memories to cherish, lessons to be learnt and beauty to be beheld.


On the midnight of March, the 18th, I tried travelling in a manner I had not experienced before. I went on a midnight trek through the beautiful landscape of Karjat. Starting from Bheupuri station, my friends and I moved towards Garbett Plateau. Out trek began at 1:15 am and we were all very excited to begin this new adventure!


We first halted at a lake where we had our introductions done and were instructed on how to best proceed with the trek on the location and some basic safety protocols. After a couple of hours of trekking, we realized we were lost and at 3:00 am we had a halt for some snacks and soft drinks for hydration. On some consultation over the map, we resumed our trek and found the correct path.



However, on proceeding ahead, we realized we were not at the destination- where we should have reached by that time! So we took yet another halt- this time the time was around 4:30 am- and decided that we may as well enjoy the sunrise from there!


And oh, what a stunning view it was! The orange glow of the powerful morning sun washing over the plains and hills- it was a wake-up call for nature and it filled us with good cheer! The view was almost poetic to behold! Up until then I was of the opinion that pictures could capture the essence of anything but no pictures would do justice to that view. It is truly something to be experienced by each and every one! We could literally see the sky changing the colour and the darkness being chased away. All around us the landscape, which seemed barren in the dark- came to life in bursts of colours!



However, it was then that we realized we had totally misread the map and were hopelessly lost! After heading in various directions, we became frantic and by then it was already 10:00 am.  By the time we figured out where we were and headed back, it was around 12:15 noon and what followed was an even more hectic day! However, the beauty of what we witnessed on that day was worth it. It was a wonderful and inspiring trip indeed!