Celestial binding of two souls in Love – Supriya & Sudesh

4 May 2019 Stories


Wedding Teaser


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About four months ago, I had the pleasure of having Supriya, my client, visit me to discuss her wedding day photography. The almost two-hour long conversation was filled with her gushing about her wedding day and you could see the excitement sparkling in her eyes. She had already come to me with a clear idea of what she wanted and knew exactly what she had to ask for, right down to the references and sample pictures. Like any excited bride, her energy was fully focussed on the task at hand. Her infectious excitement thrilled us, and we started working on the photography and videography in the earnest. We would regularly maintain contact to ensure that things were going on-plan and on-schedule. We made sure that our ideas matched and that the execution would be flawless.



Supriya played a major role in shaping the whole wedding scenario. Her enthusiasm coupled with our expertise was a magnificent brainchild of ideas. The flow of the ceremony, the venue and the theme was all discussed in earnest. This was going to be one grand wedding, we could tell!

A part of our research pre-wedding included visiting the venue and checking the perfect stage backdrop, stage décor and even stage props. This was to ensure that we had the best possible aesthetics on her Big Day.

For their Haldi ceremony, we made sure to guide the decorations for the event which was to be held in their houses, so that their vision of a perfect fairy-tale wedding would be captured in the photographs. After brainstorming for quite some time, we got two perfect sets of décor ideas for them.



Finally, the Big day arrived.

Our real work started off, amid all the chaos of a wedding. Their venue entry, portraits, blissful and enchanting morning wedding rituals were a captured without a pause, followed by a break in the afternoon. We decided to utilise the break to take a candid interview with the bride and her groom. To avoid having any unnecessary background noise, we conducted the interview in the groom’s car.






They were asked questions about their relationship before the wedding and recalling some moments were surprising and nostalgic to them both. They laughed at the realisation that these will make for some great stories for them. This was followed by the main wedding rituals, starting from Mangalashtak. Supriya was so excited that she couldn’t even stop smiling! Sudesh was over the moon himself! It was a moment of celestial binding of two souls in love and we made sure to capture the quintessential frames to their full glory! Soon, after the amazing wedding rituals and some stunning wedding photography, it was time for a glittery reception.





It was a heavenly ceremony and the celebrations were very familiar and war. We at MGA would like to thank Supriya and Sudesh for trusting us with their wedding day!