Package of Emotions

Package of Emotions is nothing but a Candid Photography.

That shy glance at the groom, that pride in the eyes of the newly- wed, that joyful and uncertain laughter

The best moments in life are spontaneous ones, and that stands true for the best clicks in life too!

Immortalize your true self without any pretense as we the shutterbugs help you indulge in some real candid photography! A picture speaks a thousand words but an innocent, true candid is beyond the description of any words.

Often the joy and rawness of a sensitive moment is lost in the process of posing for a picture. We save you the hassle of breaking apart from your cherished moments and bring you the truest and most honest, beautiful set of pictures that will leave you misty – eyed with nostalgia when you look at them in the future! Never underestimate the power of candid’s – they are you, unadulterated and unchanged; and they are more beautiful than anything you will have wished for!